Hello and Welcome

This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. The idea for this blog came from another beautiful friendship, Kateri Morton, creator of Leaves of Glass. It was her idea to create a blog that showcases not only our own creations, but also the creations of our circle of friends and very talented artists. The links for each of these artists can be found on the right side of this page under the title "The Makers of Eclectic Accessories". These incredible creators are all original. Each one has an "urban hip" style that is unique and cutting-edge. We are all featured on the Etsy site and that is where we all met. Every Wednesday I will add a new, themed list consisting of one item per artist, all of which coordinate with each other. I am very excited about this blog. It's a first for me so please know that it is a work in progress! Here are the artists that I am proud to present to you:

Leaves of Glass- urban vintage jewelry:

Bayou Salvage- never underestimate the power of debris to change your life:

Boring Sidney- unusual hats and headdresses:

Talula- revamped jewelry, trinkets and other treasures:

and me, fringe- wearable fiber art and knitted accessories:

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