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Happy Friday, dear hearts!

The First Annual Sample Sale at Fringe is here, yippee!

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I hope you're having a beautiful day!

Much love...xoxo

Spring is in the Air

For weeks, I have been thinking about the transition from winter to spring. The birds have been chattering and singing up a storm in the backyard, and the sun is shining. The combination of this blush pink, warm and fluffy wool is a nice compromise between the seasons, methinks. A little shoulder-warmer such as this comes in handy as the weather slowly warms but hangs on to a bit of chill. It is the perfect accompaniment to a spring wedding, as well. I'll keep you posted on the progression of this capelet. I have some ideas that I'm excited about implementing...

Much love and thank you for being you!

Ode to Michael.


Hello, dear hearts...

Ron and I completed our year-long class in metalsmithing. Phew-wee! We learned so much. I now have all the tools and knowledge necessary to pursue my silversmithing desires. Ron is already a master at this skill. I believe it's because he is an experienced woodworker. The two skills are similar in many ways. On the other hand, I am slower and more cautious, adapting to hot metal. It's so very different from fiber arts, which I still dearly love.

I made this belt buckle for my beloved brother. It was one of the last projects assigned in our class. We had the freedom of design, but there were certain techniques that had to be included. Stone setting was not one of the techniques listed for this particular assignment (we covered that earlier in the class), but I talked our instructor, Denny, into allowing a stone for my design. He saw the sketch of this buckle and agreed that it was important to the design.

I wanted to share these pics showing the progression of this particular piece. It was quite challenging and very rewarding. There is a lot of silver in this piece, and let me tell you, there were a few frustrations when I was soldering.  It was a true learning experience. The buckle will soon be shipped out to its namesake, my brother, as a gift.

So, that's it for now. Just wanted to show you what I've been up to. I'd love to hear about what you've been up to!

Thank you for stopping by. I hope your week is off to a wonderful start!

Thank you for being you.

Much love...xo

Hello, dear hearts!

Oh my, it's been awhile, hasn't it? I hope you are well and happy.

I have read over and over that blogging is dead, thanks to Twitter and Instagram and all the other quicky social media sites. I'm as guilty as the next guy in this respect. It's so easy to tweet or post a quick update. Blogging takes more effort and time and thought...My little blog may seem to be on its last gasp, but I'm here today to bring it back to life!

So many months have passed, and life is happening all around us. I wouldn't know where to begin if I were to write all the news in my life. Besides, I don't think you want to know everything. *wink*

From a creative viewpoint, I can give you an update on what I've been up to and why I haven't posted many new Fringe pieces. I took time off from knitting, crocheting, and fiber arts to pursue a new skill. Ron and I have been taking silversmith classes for the past year (since April 2015). It's been challenging, a bit nerve-wracking (for me, not Ron), wonderful, exciting (I'm working with torches!), and it's driving me slightly crazy because I have so many ideas and silversmithing is a slower and different process.

Don't get me wrong, I still love knitting and crocheting and all things related to Fringe. I have so many delicious yarns and bits of yesteryear to incorporate into new pieces...Le sigh! Today, I began listing new pieces in the shop, starting with Antler Necklace No. 6, in honor of spring.

So, I'm on this new journey of discovering metal and stone, a whole new world of designs swirling around in my brain, and my beloved Ron to share ideas with. At the same time, my first true love, Fringe, is shaking out her mane and languorously stretching her muscles, beckoning me. What does it mean? I guess it means I will be very busy (ha!) and happy (definitely). I cannot wait for what lies ahead and to share it with you.

If you're still checking in here and interested in what I'm doing, thank you.

Thank you for being you.

Much love,