Happy New Year of the Horse!

Happy New Year, dear hearts! 
And Happy Year of the Horse!

May your year be filled with laughter, love, good health, and prosperity. I have so many thoughts and ideas and hopes and dreams for the coming year. I am a true believer in looking forward. However, before looking forward, I want to share a little about the last year.

2013 hit my little family like a bullet in the back. It knocked us flat in May, but not permanently. We made it through, but not unscathed. When your life gets turned upside down, you find out what’s really important. I know I’ve discussed what I feel is most important before on this blog, see this post. Also, this post.

The thing is, I only recently reclaimed my desire to create. It was as if that part of me shut down. I went into survival mode, focusing solely on taking care of my family. I’ve felt like only half of myself all these months, but it’s all slowly coming back now. And it feels so wonderful, so sweet and strangely, it feels a little scary. I know time will take care of the scary part. It’s a matter of fully getting back into my creative self. Each new piece I make now feels like a gift I’m giving myself.

 Neil Gaiman wrote a lovely blog post this week that hit home with me in many basic ways. Here's an excerpt that goes a long way for me:

"And then it seemed so many things happened, and I had not written about any of them, and catching up seemed less and less possible."

That. That is what happened to me this year. It's why my blog has had crickets chirping for months. Actually, I hope you will read the rest of Neil Gaiman's post here. Truly, just start reading his blog. You'll be so glad you did.

You may have noticed my shop, Fringe, was closed for some time last year. More than six months. We were busy dodging that aforementioned bullet in the back. I'm so happy that Fringe is now reopened. New things coming up next week, beginning with this little velvety soft number.

The Snow Bunny Loop Scarf
velvety soft
snow white
coming to Fringe next week

Also, darling dears, there is a special One of a Kind Sale going on in my shop. For a select few of my one of a kind designs, 20% off. When they're gone, they're gone forever.

The final bit of Fringe news is a special coupon code just for my dear heart blog readers. Enter the code BLOGLOVE at checkout and receive free domestic priority mail shipping. 

If you are an international customer, I will give you a discount on your shipping after your purchase or contact me before your make your purchase and I will adjust the listing for you.

Thoughts for the new year. Personally, I don't make resolutions. However, I do like to try and make improvements where they are needed. Things that will improve our quality of life. I found a beautiful post this week about just that.

Also, this lovely little list for:


Be Inspired.
Be Original.
Work Hard.

 Okay, darling dears, I think I'll sign off. I went from a deserted blog to a very long post. I hope you aren't shell-shocked. *wink*

I'll leave you with this, just for the fun of it. Because I do love films. Especially the classics, as you well know...I hope you are able to curl up on a cozy couch or chair with proper snacks and catch one or more of these truly special films.

Weekend Stay-at-Home Movie Night recommendations:

On TCM (Turner Class Movies)

For Saturday: THE BAD AND THE BEAUTIFUL (1952) at 5PM PST. Dick Powell and Gloria Grahame make this a must-see, in my opinion. Of course, Lana Turner is easy on the eyes. The acting, directing and the screenplay are topnotch.

For Sunday: HOW TO MARRY A MILLIIONAIRE (1953) at 5PM PST. Lauren Becall, Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable and William Powell too! This is fun film and the fashion is pure joy to behold.


THE APARTMENT (1960). Starring Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacClaine. Directed by Billy Wilder.

CINEMA PARADISO (1988). This Oscar-winning film is set in Italy. It has, in my opinion, one of the best endings ever filmed.
~ ~ ~

Thank you for stopping by. I'm glad to be back. I'm glad you're here. And...
Thank you for being you.
Much love...xo


Ivy Lane said...

soooooo GLAD you are back!

happy NEW year!



Dennice {Fringe} said...

Thank you, dear Ivy!

Happy New Year!

s.duane said...

hello friend! so nice to see you back, love the long post :) hope you have a wonderful year! xo suz

Dennice {Fringe} said...

Thank you for stopping by, dear Suz! You're such a doll. Wishing you every happiness in 2014!