Whenever we go to the pines, I come home with pinecones. Even on my frequent hikes, I run across them and bring them home. I have a thing for them, always have. As a child, I spent many an hour collecting pinecones. So I suppose it's only a natural progression for me to think of making some, in my particular medium - yarn.

So now. These two pinecones. One different from the other. I’ve fallen in love with them. Each one a labor of love. The cream pinecone is about 5” tall; the brown one is about 3” tall. They do delight me when I look at them sitting in their assigned spots.

When I began the process of making them, I thought it would be fairly simple.

It wasn't all that simple. It took several rewrites before I felt the pattern was working properly. A lot of time involved, and patience. I am very happy with the end results and feel it was well worth the effort. They do take a long time to make though. Did I already mention that?

I plan to make them in all different sizes. Different colors too. I am quite certain there is a small pinecone necklace in my very near future…Let me know if you're interested, dear hearts.

Much love...xo

The Chill Factor.

Coming soon to Fringe.
Only the coziest, warmest, softest,
most elegant and versatile oversized cowl
you’ll ever see.

In dreamy cream.

The Chill Factor Cowl.

It’s thick and snuggle-worthy.

A cowl that can adjust beautifully
to suit your fashion needs.

A cowl that converts to
a stole,
a hood,
a capelet.

For this cowl,
the harshest winter is translated into
an opportunity to shine.

It is armor against the cold.
Rustic, romantic.
Graceful, gorgeous.
Did I mention elegant?
An eye catcher.

The perfect showcase for your heirloom brooch
or modern sparkles.

Pin a fresh pine sprig
(or a red rosebud)
onto this cowl
and feel like a million bucks.

I envision this cowl
worn so many ways,
in so many settings…

at the top of a snow covered mountain

on the streets of a metropolitan city

or a small town Main Street

on a horseback ride

ice skating

a trip to the outdoor market

around a campfire

to a sports event

to a gallery

an outdoor café

a walk in the woods

reading in a cozy chair in a rustic cabin

down a country lane

lover’s lane

in a horse-drawn carriage

and on

and on…


 {I didn't know it at the time, but Ron took a photo of me taking a photo of the ceiling in our Paris rental}

I have so many wonderful, sacred really, memories of last summer's trip to Europe. May I say a few words about Paris, dear hearts?

Paris: there's a reason why so many Francophiles exist.  I imagine there is nothing I can write about the city of light that has not already been written. I won’t even try. I’ll merely speak to my personal experiences.

The beauty of Paris inspired me. To find a way of capturing and recapturing the experiences, the sights, the feelings, the tastes, the light, the stirrings. I fell in love with my lover all over again and in a new way. 

The early morning light. The twilight hour. 

Every sight, every subtlety, positively demanded a photo, a written sentence, a sketch or even just a slow intake of breath and a smile.

It made me want to speak softly and slowly, to look my best, to remember every little detail. To move about in the city of light. To fall asleep and wake up in Paris is to feel a shift, a movement, an expansion…of my soul.