My First Music Monday - Undone in Sorrow

Hello, my darling dears!  We have returned from our trip to Paris/Nice/Rome. It was all kinds of wonderful, and there will be much more about it in future posts.

For now, I'm going to focus on a special song for this first Music Monday.

If I were blessed with the gift of composing music and writing lyrics, I feel deep within my soul that this song, Undone in Sorrow, would be the song I'd write. So I feel it's the perfect song to start my Music Mondays with.

The first time I heard it was many years ago in the company of my grandfather Miller, in it's original form by Ola Belle Reed. As a young girl, my grandfather shared his love of bluegrass/country/folk music with me. The old stuff. All those songs are a part of who I am to this day. It's still one of my favorite genres. Ola is the composer of this hauntingly beautiful song. Interestingly (to me anyway) my departed grandmother, Ardith, shared the same middle and last name as Ola. I only recently heard the newer version by Crooked Still. I dearly love both versions for different reasons. This song moves me so. It speaks to my soul. I believe it will speak to yours too.

I want to share both versions with you here today. I hope you will let me know which one you like best (if you can choose) and why. I would love to hear from you.

Here's the newer version, Undone in Sorrow by Crooked Still (if it doesn't give you chills, I don't know what will), which by the way is on my Summer 2012 playlist.  I will share that list with you this week, in case you're interested.  There is a bit of talking at the beginning of this video. It's a lovely little story that I urge you to listen to.

~ ~ ~

And here's the original version with a very strong Appalachian influence. So beautiful. Undone in Sorrow by Ola Belle Reed.

Undone in Sorrow written by Ola Belle Reed

Over yonder in the graveyard
Where the wild, wild flowers grow
There they laid my own true lover
She'd gone from me, forever more

Fairer than the sweetest flower
Restless as the wildest way
Pored in with love deep as a ocean
This is the girl that I did win

I left her there back in the mountain
To see the world riches to gain
Oh, when I returned no earthy treasure
Could ease this heart so filled with pain

They saw high above the mountain
Beneath that little mound of clay
The girl that I returned to marry
So stand a mound of flowers did lay

I'll go lay you down and wonder
Lay aside my earthy gain
All I am undone in riches
Undone in sorrow I'll remain

  ~ ~ ~ 

Thank you so much for visiting, dear friends. I'll be back very soon. So much to share, and a lot happening with my Fringe FW line!

Thank you for being you...
Much love!

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