Happy Birthday, Little Bro!


{when he was four}

Today is my dear little brother’s birthday.
Little, as in younger, because he towers over me.
Happy Birthday, darling bro!

My brother is a man like no other.
That’s not just a biased opinion.
If you were to ask anyone who knows him, they would all agree.

He is gentle and strong.
Kind and compassionate.
Artistic and talented beyond belief.
Funny and fun-loving.
Adventurous and a homebody.
A gentleman.
Classy and calm.
Quick to offer help to someone in need.
The best listener.
Animal lover extraordinaire.
Handsome and humble.
The brightest light.
A beautiful singer.
A careful driver.
The best fashion adviser.
An exemplary cook.
Treasure hunter.
He has excellent taste when it comes to…well…everything.
The most generous.
A shining star.
The best friend you could ever ask for.
The best brother you could ever ask for.

I love you, Mr. V.


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