Something I adore...


Hello there.
Today's challenge was, well, a bit challenging.
I adore lots and lots of things.
I collect things,
I have special treasures made by friends,
family heirlooms,
you get the idea.

I decided to go with something my dad gave me when Ardith passed.

Day 3
Something I adore
Ardith's bench

I have many memories of Ardith
connected with this bench.
It's home is in my office/studio.
I see it every single day.
Memories of Ardith weave themselves
through and around this bench.
They settle themselves in my heart.
Every day.

Until tomorrow, darling dears,
thank you for being you.

Much love...



helen tilston said...

That is a beautiful bench and you have given it a home in a prized part of your house


Dennice {Fringe} said...

Thank you for your lovely comment, Helen. You're such a delight!

I hope 2012 brings you every happiness.

red ticking said...

i love this... memories of those we have lost are so wonderful... xx

24 Corners said...

Very special's wonderful that you and the bench are together to share in all of it's precious memories. ♥
xo J~