Makes me smile...


So it's Day 6 of the photo a day challenge,
and once again it was a tough decision.

Yes, I'm one of those people who have a 
hard time with the little decisions...
I hope this one makes you smile.

Day 6
Makes me smile

As you may have suspected,
there is a story behind this.

My buddy, Kateri of Leaves of Glass, made this for me.
It's one of our "codewords".

How did "hampacket" come to be?
It went something like this...
Kateri was visiting us from Chicago.
We were in the kitchen with the boy.
I was getting a ham ready to put in the oven.
The boy picks up the little packet that comes with the ham.
You know, the glaze packet? 

"What's this packet for?"
"It's a packet. For the ham."
"It's a hampacket!"
"And it rhymes with Piewacket!"

And so on, and so on...
With lots of silliness and laughing.

So that following Christmas,
Kateri sent me this embroidery hoop.

Awesome, right?
I pass it many times during the course of my day.
It always, always makes me smile.
Thank you, Kateri.
You light up my life.


Also, this just happened.

A moment of relaxation and quiet.
In other words, the boys have left the building.
I love the lighting in the room at dusk.

I hope you're enjoying your time of day, 
no matter what time zone you're in.

Thanks ever so much for visiting!
See you tomorrow, darling dears.

Much love...


1 comment:

24 Corners said...

Very cute and very funny!!
You know, I have a special little hoop ring gift named *Duke* that makes me smile every day as well...a very sweet & special someone gave it to me's a dear treasure!
xoxo J~