In my bag...


Day 13
In my bag

I'm a bit of a packrat.
It was fun to line everything up for this photo though.

Happy Friday, dear hearts!
 I'll be back tomorrow...



24 Corners said...

Dear, oh dear! I see that I have quite a bit of catching up to do!! Here I've gone and absconded myself from blogland for the past two weeks, and you're posting all these fabulous treats! Well, I can't wait to read them's so nice to visit with you again!
xoxo J~

Love peaks into bags...and yours is very cool! Mine's a horror at the moment, it would be a tad embarassing to share, but I guess that's part of the fun! ♥

anca gray said...

i love that there's billy collins in your bag! wherever you go, take poetry with you. :)

Leaves of Glass said...

it's a traveling poetry bag (did i ever send you that Frye & Laurie sketch?)! i love the granny squares and leather strap.