A lovely little feature (and a bonus)...


Happy Thursday, dear hearts!
I hope your day is filled with smiles.

I was asked to do an interview
for a very sweet person, Sedie.
She has a beautiful blog
and today
my interview is the featured post.

I hope you'll have a moment to visit.
You can read the interview for Yarn Obsession here.

There's an extra special something at the end of the interview.
A coupon code to be used in my shop
on anything.
It's a very rare and limited offer.
The coupon code will be active until midnight PST on November 25th.
So, darling dears,
it's the perfect time to treat yourself
or make a dent in your holiday gift list.
Giving a gift of Fringe is like
giving someone you love a warm hug.

Why the coupon code,
you may ask?
Because I love you.


stay tuned for another exciting
(but different)
special offer.
All will be revealed tomorrow morning.


Coming to Fringe tomorrow.
Front Porch Scarf in pine.

I have completely fallen back in love with pine green!
Plan on seeing the results of my new-old love
sprinkled here and there in my shop...


Thank you for spending time with me, dear ones.
Much love..


1 comment:

brock street said...

great article. you are so true to yourself and fringe. if i could only get an inch of your talent i would feel lucky.
electrical engineering...you get the brains too.