Welcome Fall...

Hello, dear ones!

It's been a little while
since I did my last post.

This Fall,
I seem to be falling behind
in my blog posts.
(Pardon the bad pun!)

I thought I'd share with you
some of my autumnal decorations.
It's a bit of a tradition for me
to use the same little decorations
year after year.

I like to think it reminds me
and my family
of all the wonderful autumns
we have shared in the past.
I do love traditions...

My front door plaque.
It's not grand,
it's rustic and sort of whimsical.
I bought this plaque the first year we moved to our house.
I had become good friends with
the woman who lived two doors down from me
so I bought one for her too.

She has since moved to Arizona,
but she stops by every spring
to say hello.
She tells me that every fall she puts her
matching plaque on her front door,
and she thinks of me each time.
I can't tell you how touched I am by that.

She went through breast cancer and a mastectomy
when she was in her mid 30s.
So to think of her, still here,
now healthy,
hanging that little plaque on her door each fall...
Well, it makes me weepy.
Of course,
I will do the same each year.
Hang it proudly,
think of my dear friend.
It's our little tradition, as friends.

We have two beautiful maples in our front yard.
I may be biased,
but I think ours are the most vibrant in the neighborhood!

This horse bench was a gift from my dad.
It just received a fresh coat of espresso brown paint.
I love it so much.
A simple accent of fall leaves in the form of a garland
grace the top of my beloved bench.
And a few little pumpkins...

I changed up my dining room table display this fall.
I added antlers to the simple, rustic flower arrangements:
Two brown paper bags filled with daisies,
several candles in old candle holders,
and one large vanilla colored candle on a cream pedestal.

As you can see in the background of this shot,
I'm a collector.
As if you didn't know...

On the mantle, in the family room.
One large brown paper bag filled with leaves and posies,
and lots of Indian corn (my favorite fall addition).

The colors of the kernels of corn inspire me endlessly.
The autumnal colors all around me are the stuff of dreams.

Do you have traditions with fall decorating?
Maybe you do more of a Halloween theme?
I'd love to hear all about it.


I want to tell you about my new favorite
hot beverage.
Sweet Nichole, of Little Brown Pen, was
the lovely lady who brought it to my attention...

I strongly recommend it.
Available at Target,
run right out and get some, kids!
It's simply heavenly!


Before I go,
I want to thank you for being you.
And thank you for stopping by to see me.
Each comment brings happiness to me.

I'll be back soon
with new Fringe pieces to share.

Much love...



Caroline said...

That hot coco mix sounds delicious!!

24 Corners said...

I loved the story that's attached to your plaque D...you just never know how very speical a gift like that is going to be...it's so touching, the connection you and your friend will always have. ♥
Your fall decor is so festive...and that cocoa, I'm going to get some tomorrow, we're addicted to salted caramels so this could prove to be yummily dangerous, thanks for the tip!
Big hugs...
xo J~

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

hello Dennice:
We have only just discovered you, but what a joy it is to have arrived.

Your autumn arrangements around the house are so very pretty, those burnished colours do make a house warm and inviting.

We love the story of the door plaque and how wonderful to think of your friend, now so many miles away, thinking of you as she hangs out her plaque each year.

We have signed up as Followers and look forward to future posts.

hometown girl said...

looks so pretty d! the bench is really terrific! i hope you are well! xo suz

brock street said...

fall came so quickly this year. you helped push me right into reality too...i have done nothing special to celebrate the season but rake leaves at the cabin every weekend and clean out the gutters. i mush prefer your approach.
miss you.

Dennice {Fringe} said...

Thank you so much, dear ones, for your marvelous comments!

Caroline - it's absolutely divine, and addicting!

J - It's so true, the connection between my friend and I is linked through those little, rustic plaques. Such a wonderful reminder of our friendship. I had no idea of their future importance when I bought them...Did you get the cocoa mix, honey?

Jane and Lance - Thank you for visiting and joining as followers! I'm delighted and honored to have you along for the ride :). Your comment was so thoughtful and warm, thank you...

Suz - I love the horse bench! It was a housewarming gift. It sits on our little front porch so it's the first thing you see before entering. It used to be black, but I think I love the espresso brown even more!

brock street - I miss you too! You work so hard, I hope you have time to enjoy your days in a non-leaf-raking way :)...

Sending hugs to you all!