A sneak peek, a shop update and other stuff which makes this a really long post...


Hello, dear friends and TGIF!
I hope your week has been filled with lovely bits.

I have some new pieces in the shop
which I would like to share with you, 
but first,
here's a little sneak peek of a new
color story for the 
Falling Feathers Cowl...
Coming soon to Fringe...

 I love the combination of cinnamon red, plum and chocolate brown.
It's warm and vibrant and a real eye-catcher.

There are a few new pieces
available at Fringe
right now....

I've been busy,
needles, hooks and yarn a-flyin'!


Some other things I've been up to this past week?
Well...here's a week in pictures...

Our boy turned 15 last Friday.
He had 2 friends over,
we went Go-Karting,
then to dinner,
then home for cake (cheesecake).
All per his request.

It was a whirlwind evening of 
and too much sugar.

I started a little project,
for myself.

I had a little cocktail on Thursday.
Grapefruit IZZE and vodka.
Delicious and relaxing.

I snipped some of the last of this round of roses
from our garden
yesterday morning.

It's been mostly overcast for the past
two weeks.
Yesterday afternoon,
the sun peeked through!
Amazing how the sun brings such a lift.


There's more to tell you, darling dears,
but I'm going to hold off until next time.

If you lasted through this entire post,
I thank you,
and I hope you have a beautiful weekend!

As always,
thank you for being you.

Much love...



24 Corners said...

Happy Birthday to E!!! His day sounded perfect, and so did the cheesecake-cake!! Mr.24 purchased a cheesecake for my birhtday this year and it was sooo yummy, and a fun change of pace from the usual cake!
Your creations always have the best names...love the Marmalade & the Snuggle, and I love that you started creating for YOU, I bet that's a rarity!
By the way, your horse table runner is so sweet, did you stitch that, or is it vintage? Either way, it's wonderful, as was this post!!
Wishing you a lovely weekend D...
xo J~

Waterrose said...

lovely creations and I hope your share the piece that you are making for yourself.

red ticking said...

loveee this post... and belated birthday wishes....waht a fun week..... xo