I have a thing for shacks...

...and there are two sweet little shacks
on the way up the mountain to our favorite
fishing spot.

We pass them every year.
And every year,
I fall a little more in love with them.

You'll just drive along this road...
expansive views of mountains,
the occasional waterfall,
and then...

The two little shacks appear.
One larger than the other.
They're just perfect.

Oh, how I wish I could own this bit of land.,
There's even a sweet little stream.
I wouldn't change a thing.

Except perhaps
add a third,
more livable,
little shack
for our visits.

Happy Labor Day, dear ones,
and thank you for stopping in!
I hope you have a beautiful week.

I'll be back this week
  with more new Fringe pieces.




24 Corners said...

Happy belated Labor Day...the shacks, and most of all the views, are so great! I can see why they are special to you...maybe one day!
xo j~

Dennice {Fringe} said...

J ~ Yes, maybe one day... :)

The views truly are magnificent. Photos don't do them justice. Breathtaking!