Coffee with the girls (and one guy)...


I've spent the wee hours of this morning
sipping coffee and
dressing these delightful ladies.
There's a guy in there too...
he must be covered up by the girls.

They all look quite different now.
Warm and cozy.
Urban chic.
Rustic prairie.

All of them have something in common.
They're very Fringe-esque.
I love them.
*so excited*

Happy Friday,
darling dears!

May your weekend be
a little slice of heaven!

Much love...



24 Corners said...

Well, well, well...somebody not only has mad knitting and crocheting skills...but they also have amazing DRAWING skills!!! Love these very cool and hip ladies of yours...and I'd love to see what they look like all Fringed out (hint-hint)...this must be such a fun part of your creative process!
Thanks so much for sharing these D...I now have a permanent smile attached to my face for the day!
xo J~

Dennice {Fringe} said...

Awww...Thank you so much, J. You're such a sweet friend! Perhaps I'll include photos of the sketches when I reveal new pieces. You've given me an idea...

Love ya!
Hope your weekend is a beautiful one!

hometown girl said...

wow d, these are great! i can't draw for anything! matter of fact the kids & i played pictionary today, it wasn't pretty! i think showing the drawings with your designs would be very cool! xo suz