"...yarn from a thousand Arabian Nights..."


Hello, lovely darling dears!
It's been quite a week around Fringeville.
I cannot believe it's already Friday...sheesh.

Silverthumb update:
Ron's thumb is improving.
He had his second doctor appointment yesterday.
They plan to remove the stitches next Thursday.

I'm currently working on a custom order for
a dear client.
She's been my client for over 3 years.
She is just the kindest, sweetest, gentlest person.

I often wish I could meet my clients.
How wonderful it would be to have a great big party
with all of you invited...

This particular client wrote the most amazing email to me a few days ago.
It made my eyes get all watery.
To think she thought enough of me for this:

"I often imagine you sitting in a magical room surrounded by
yarn from a thousand Arabian Nights!
And then... magical needles flying around!"

Isn't that the most delightful message?
Le sigh...

Here's a wee little
coming soon (and already arrived) Fringe update:

The Urchin Cowl in navy and cream.
This was a custom order.
I fell in love with the fresh color combo so
it will be in my shop starting next week.

Now available.
Turn your frown upside down with brown!

Now available.
For the prairie girl in all of us.

I love the three of these palette necklaces together.
Just saying...
It makes me happy to look at them.

So there you have it, darlings.
A little roundup of my week.
I hope your week has been fantastic.
Any plans for the weekend?
Whatever they may be,
I hope your days include
fresh air
birds tweeting
and always,


P.S. My next post will include the caramel sauce recipe, as requested.  Yippee!


1 comment:

24 Corners said...

I love catching up with you...except for the part about Ron's thumb (poor guy)...but everything else is just plain ol' enjoyable!
I love the three necklaces together too, the colors mingle perfectly...and the beautiful navy and cream cowl actually looks summer somehow...it's lovely!
xo J~