One never knows when it will hit.
Sometimes like a brick,
sometimes like the tickle of a feather.

inspiration came to me through this...

Ron, checking the levels for the pool....
Just look at those gorgeous colors!
Infinite possibilites for color combinations.

Other things that have inspired me in the last few days...

My gorgeous succulents are flowering.
I love the contrast of greens with reds and oranges.

The dusk sky on 4th of July.
Soft muted gentle shades.
If you study this photo,
you'll discover there are many, many layers of colors.

Tomato, tomahto.
Our beautiful little veggies.
From deep dark, almost black, green
to the lightest, almost white, shade of celery.

As you well know,
I'm endlessly inspired by water.
This turquoise aqua color
immediately lifts my spirit.

I love the play of shadows captured
early this morning in my garden.
It's like garden noir!
Black and cream and purplish periwinkle.

You may not be surprised to see that most of these photos
capture nature....

Nature is the endless source for inspiration.

I hope you felt inspired by these little snapshots.
I thought of you as I took them,
my wonderful, beautiful friends.

Thank you for being you...


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