Happy distraction...


Hello, lovely friends, and Happy Monday to you!
I hope your weekend was everything you hoped it would be.

In the past few days, the world has been filled with heartbreaking news.
As my dear friend, Kateri, wrote on Saturday:
The world seems like a very grim place today.
I agreed with her, and determined to escape that feeling with happy distractions.

Happy distraction is the purpose of this post.
I hope to get your mind off sad news by showing you a few pictures.
Pictures taken last Thursday, July 21st.
Our wedding anniversary.

When I came downstairs Thursday morning,
I saw this.

Ron surprised me with a room filled with roses.
Literally filled.

Roses everywhere.

The room smelled heavenly.

These are just like the roses in my wedding bouquet.

I tried to capture them all in a photo.
They simply wouldn't fit in just one.

There were roses of many colors.
Red, cream, pink, salmon, orange, yellow, lavender and white with red edging.

So romantic.
What a man.
Le sigh.

I would like to end this post with 
one of my very  favorite poems
about marriage.
It was in a book of marriage poems
that Ron gave me for
our sixth wedding anniversary.


The Telephone
by Robert Frost

'When I was just as far as I could walk
From here today,
There was an hour
All still
When leaning with my head against a flower
I heard you talk.
Don't say I didn't, for I heard you say -
You spoke from that flower on the window sill -
Do you remember what it was you said?'

'First tell me what it was you thought you heard.'

'Having found the flower and driven a bee away,
I leaned my head,
And holding by the stalk,
I listened and thought I caught the word -
What was it? Did you call me by my name?
Or did you say -
Someone said  "Come" - I heard it as I bowed.'

'I may have thought as much, but not aloud.'

'Well, so I came.'




24 Corners said...

My heart skipped a beat...the roses are so beautiful and the loving, thoughtfulness behind them even more so...what a sweetheart Ron is...and what a very blessed wifey you are! ♥
xo J~

Valerie said...

What a thoughtful and amazing husband you have (Now can you secretly send the link to my hubby...who while darling, is a bit shy about romance)

Dennice {Fringe} said...

J ~ Thank you! He makes my heart skip a beat all the time :)...I'm a very lucky girl.


Valerie ~ Yes, of course, I'd be happy to send a tricky message to your hubby :)

He's a romantic who just needs a little nudge, right? *wink*


Ann said...

Nice post...

love the roses.

I've never seen roses, real or even just images, that I did not like. I'm just mad for roses.

Dennice {Fringe} said...

Ann ~ Thank you for visiting! I couldn't agree with you more re: roses.

I find that I take a ridiculously large number of rose photos. I can't seem to help myself.


P.S. Did you see my rose tribute post? It's on the left sidebar, if you're interested. :)