A preview, part 2...


Happy Monday, dear hearts!  I hope your weekend was a beautiful one.
You know how I feel about Mondays, right?
I love them.
The beginning of a new week,
filled with possibilities and opportunities for us all.

Today, I have a second preview for you. 
If all goes according to plan, 
these three items will be listed at Fringe this week
(as well as others).

I'm so excited about my latest creations,
and I hope you enjoy this sneak peek...

Capulet Collar
freeform one-of-a-kind
uneven disarray
vintage components

The Bustle Couture - Wild West Series
insanely ruffled
extremely oversized
for the brave soul
deep charcoal
freeform one-of-a-kind

sea love
vintage cotton thread

as a wall hanging.
embroidery hoop adorned with vintage fabric 
is included
with the purchase of the brooch.

When the Driftwood Brooch no. 017 is not being worn by you,
your wall can wear it.

~ ~ ~

Although the photos have not taken yet,
I do have other designs waiting to be revealed.
Among the yet unseen pieces are
Proud Mary, Hot Tamale and Heartland...

Thank you so much for visiting, friends,
and thank you for being you...

Much love.



Good Girls Studio said...

*G*O*R*G*E*O*U*S* Love love love the brooch for your wall :)

24 Corners said...

Every wall needs a brooch! :)

I loved going from the Bustle Couture in all it's ruffled gloriousness right to the dainty little 1st Dtiftwood Brooch...that was a cute surprise, made me smile!
Love your newest creations...
xo J~

Sherry said...

It's been so long, my friend. I'm so glad I wandered here today. I adore your new creations and your lovely scarf kept me warm through a wicked winter.


Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Always spectacular.

You came up in conversation with a good friend this week. I had mentioned your blog and she purred "Oh I love her work, is she as fantastic as her work?" I said yes. Yes she is. :D

Dennice {Fringe} said...

You girls are just so so kind and generous with your comments! I don't know how to thank you. You make me feel loved...:)