Hello, hello and TGIF!  Today I listed a new item in my shop...The Cold Black Heart Cowl.  I made one of these last winter in pale grey and just now finished this one in Amelie inspired colors.  I'm quite thrilled with the grass green and black and grey accents.  It makes me happy to look at.  I like to think about some sweet lady wearing this with her cherry red lipstick stashed in the pocket...

Some of the things I hope to do this weekend...

~ Get up early and welcome the day by drinking coffee and talking with R
~ Complete the gift I'm making for a lovely friend...we're doing a gift exchange
~ Get next week's new pieces ready for photographing
~ Walk on the beach
~ Stop by our little local farmer's market on Saturday
~ Make chicken noodle soup
~ Bake a double batch of biscotti
~ Catch up on emails
~ Write an overdue reply to a sweet letter sent to me
~ Paint my toenails dark olive green
Just a few of the many items on my list.  Did you happen to notice how many different fiber-related activities were on my list (only two)?  I just thought of a couple more needlework projects I wanted to work on this weekend...Also, I'm certain you'll be relieved to know that I decided to spare you the gory details of my chore list...

Do you have anything planned for the weekend, dear ones?

I'm so happy you dropped in...Thank you for being you...xo



24 Corners said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend...and the CBHC is adorable as Amelie herself! So cute and creative...and fun!

I'm going to a flea w/ my sis-in-law tomorrow...can't wait, and I want to make Pam's Blueberry Cake AND, I've been trying to make chicken soup for a week but keep forgetting to take the little chicken out of the freezer...maybe I'll go do that right now!
xoxo J~

Roseanna said...

Sounds very busy, in a good way. Love the new design, stunning! Don't yu just love fall?
I am putting away pool furniture, sewing and baking a chocolate cake...

Fringe said...

J - Thank you for your wonderful compliment about CBHC! You are always so supportive. It makes me happy (I know, I'm silly) to think we'll both be enjoying chicken soup this weekend! Did you take out the chicken to thaw? :) The rest of your weekend sounds perfect.

Roseanna - Yes, busy in a good way :)...Thank you so much for your kind comment about the cowl. What a lovely lady you are! Sewing and chocolate cake...can I come over to play...?

I hope you both have a beautiful weekend!

xo xo

Lisa said...

That color is delicious! So beautiful, as always.

Fringe said...

Thank you so much, Lisa! Hope you're having a super fantastic weekend...