Lace soul...


I promised myself I would wrap my feet in white vintage lace this summer and wear flip flops.  Somehow, the summer slipped by without my realizing it was gone, and without one day of lace-wrapped/flip flop feet.

Today has been a day of summery warmth, birds tweeting and soft breezes.  Although the sun is moving across the sky faster, leaving us sooner, it still seems like a golden summer day.  The perfect opportunity to fulfill that promise to myself.

Lace souls.
Two strips of vintage white lace, wrapped this way and that. 
Tied at the ankles.
Bronze flips flops.
Silver nail polish.

I highly recommend it.

The flip flops and nail polish are from Old Navy.  Jeans are stolen, I mean borrowed, from R.  I'd like to suggest this: build layers beginning with the boyfriend jeans (mentioned in my previous post):

boyfriend jeans + lace + flip flops = happiness

Truthfully, the lace and flip flops would be just as beautiful with a skirt, flirty frock or shorts.

Is there some little (or big) thing you promised yourself this summer, but never got around to it?  Well, follow my lead and do it anyway.  Summer may be gone, but every day is a new opportunity to fulfill a promise to oneself.

Thank you so much for visiting...and thank you for being you....xo



24 Corners said...

I've never seen this before...did your amazing creative self come up with this?? It's so cool...I'm still trying to wrap (hehe) my head around it (it's like seeing shoes for the first time and saying "why didn't I ever think of that?")!

And the silver's pretty, but I wanna see those olive toes! ;)
xoxo J~

Ivy Lane said...

I am proud to say I own those very same flip flops and that nail polish!! ( I work at the Nave) !!!

It is almost time for me to break out my Cumulus Brooch!!! yipppeee! it is very chilly here in Ohio...

love how you put it all together!!!

Good Girls Studio said...

You are soo crative! Was it itchy ?? Love the lace with the heavy denim jeans that were ...uh... "borrowed" (not stolen) hehehe :)

Fringe said...

J ~ You say the sweetest things. I'd like to take credit for this idea, but I saw a photograph once (I can't remember where) of a girl wearing lace on her feet. Not my original idea :)

And J, I promise to show you the olive toes soon!

Ivy Lane ~ Thank you, sugar, for your lovely comment. As you know, I'm a big fan of Old Navy, thanks to a certain darling brother...knowing you work there too, makes it even more fab!

Good Girls Studio ~ You darling girl, thank you for always leaving me the sweetest comments. And I think you are extremely creative yourself...

xo xo xo

hometown girl said...

how fun! i love it!! have a super week my creative pal! hugs, suz