Sunday fun...

Hello and Happy Monday, dear ones! I hope your week is off to a wonderful start.

Oh my goodness, I had the most fun yesterday at the swap meet! We haven't been for quite some time due to the craziness that has been our life lately. Yesterday morning, as R and I were having our coffee, he said, "Hey, why don't we go to the swap meet today?"...Well, no one has to ask me twice. It turned out to be a fabulous finds kinda day for us (well, me especially).

This Royal Deluxe typewriter is like a dream come true.
I can't wait to show you the font in a future post.
It needs a little love, some keys stick, lots of dust and one case hinge is off
(but included in the case).
Any guesses what I paid for this Royal gem?

I do love antlers, as you may already know.
This too was a steal.
I'm so pleased to add this to my little collection!

These two tiny butterfly specimens are delicate and
Only $5 for the pair.

This collection of mother-of-pearl buttons is enough to make me a happy girl.
Another steal at the swap meet.

The boy found his own treasures today too.
He told us this ammo case is his favorite swap meet find of all time.

He also bought this really old stamp pad.
It's old and worn and the perfect shade of red.
He paid half a dollar for it.

Don't forget, sweet friends, tomorrow is Turquoise Tuesday! Yay! I hope to see you then...

Thank you so much for stopping by to see me. I get such joy out of reading your comments...xo


Ivy Lane said...

what wonderful finds! sounds like it made for a great day!

Happy Monday! Hope your week gets off to a great start!

Miss Makes-a-lot said...

wow! love that typewriter. i found mine at a swap meet and LOVE it too :) ..and what a coincidence: we got 2 military ammo boxes this weekend too!!!!! *cheers!

hometown girl said...

wow! i love the typewriter! i'm always drawn to them and never buy them. probably $20-30? love your buttons and your other little goodies too! my kind of day! glad you had fun! hugs, suz

Caroline said...

OH! MY! GOSH! That typewriter is AMAZING! Have a glorious day and I send you a sweet hug! xo

CrowNology said...

Sweet stuff! You are lucky we are not neighbours...There may have been a fight! ;)

24 Corners said...

What a fun day! I just bet those buttons are going to end up on some of your amazing creations aren't they!?
The typewriter is very cool and my guesstimate is...10 bucks, although I'm completely clueless!

So funny about the ammo box, my father-in-law just gave us a few, they're pretty neat, trying to figure out how to use them.

See you tomorrow!
xo J~

Persis Shah said...

that vintage typewriter is so awesome!

Fringe said...

I think it's time to tell you what I paid for the vintage typewriter...

The one guess, from Hometown Girl, wasn't far off the mark...I snagged it for $15. Can you believe it? So happy!

Thank you all for your wonderful comments! You make my day :)


brock street said...

major scores. can we go next month??

24 Corners said...

I guessed $10...soooo close. That was quite the score! Wish we had a good local swap near us...or a flea. We do have lots of garage sales but it'd be nice to have the stuff all in one place every now and then. :)

Fringe said...

J - I know you guessed $10! I can't believe I didn't include your guess in my comment. Sorry, sweets! I tried for $10 actually, but he wouldn't budge. It was originally priced at $20.

bro - YES. of course, we can go when you're here...yippee!