Hello from the mountain top!


Hi darling ones!  I hope you are having a beautiful week...

Our vacation is just like a little slice of heaven.  We were concerned with the weather forecast which ominously promised lightening rain storms from our arrival day, Sunday, through Wednesday.  We did indeed drive through a magnificent and slightly alarming rain storm complete with lightening flashes for the last hour before safely reaching our destination.  It was early evening and we managed to get settled in, went out for pizza and stopped by the grocery store for picnic supplies (and ice cream) during a break in the rain.  It rained heavily throughout the night, but we were snug as bugs in our charming little accommodations. 

The next morning, Monday, brought birdsong and sunshine with a few scattered clouds...Let the fishing begin!  We have had glorious weather every day. 

Two mishaps have befallen us (well, me).  First, I dropped my camera and it landed with a very hard thud on the pavement.  It is indeed broken.  A relatively new camera (a birthday gift last fall from R) so as you can imagine, I'm sick about it.  That's why you've not seen any breathtaking photos of our surroundings as of yet.  R does have a fairly decent camera on his phone, but we will not be able to transfer them to my computer until we return home.  I promise you there are some completely stunning photos of a meadow connected to a lake inlet that will surely look like heaven.  I'll share them with you here upon my return from our trip.

Yes, I did mention there were two mishaps.  You won't believe this, but Josephine II came to an untimely end yesterday.  She snapped in half.  Tragedy!  I think the name Josephine may be jinxed so I will come up with a new name for her replacement.  Any name suggestions from you, dear friends, will be appreciated.

Our trip is almost at an end and we've enjoyed it so much (except for the above mentioned mishaps, of course!)...I do love to travel, but I also love to be back home. 

I have a couple of photos from last year's trip here to share with you today.  It will have to do for now....

A fire ravaged mountainside on the trail to Rainbow Falls.

Two beauties alongside the road.

Thank you so much for dropping in!  Your presence is truly appreciated...xo



24 Corners said...

So sorry about your camera AND Josephine II...darn vacation mishaps! None the less, sounds like you've been having a marvelous time and that's what's important!

How about a "no one's gonna mess with me name" for your next pole...like Bertha (or something similar)...what rock or fish is gonna tangle with a Bertha?! Just a thought. ;)

Happy coming home,
xoxo J~

Sherry said...

Sorry about your camera sweetie, you'll have the memories just the same.

I'll be passing you on the highway, my friend.


hometown girl said...

hello! sorry about your camera that kind of stinks......glad you are enjoying trip!! hugs, suz

Fringe said...

Thanks so much for your comments, lovely ladies!

Bertha...excellent name.