Thursday, July 15, 2010

Down de bayou...

I'm thrilled to do this post about an Etsy friend I've known for around three years now.  Kerri of Bayou Salvage.  She's an amazing woman, filled to brim with talent and kindness.  It's important to know that she also is a Katrina survivor.  She's got what it takes, and that's the truth. 

She was approached by Anthropologie about her Bayou Salvage line.  They want her creations in their flagship New Orleans store this September!  Isn't that just the best thing?  I'm almost speechless with delight for Kerri.  It's so well-deserved, and I know she will enjoy great success. 

So here's to you, dear Kerri!  I'm proud of you and wish you all the success you so richly deserve, sweetheart.

Pontalba Pantaloons by Bayou Salvage

Thank you so much for visiting, dear ones....xo


24 Corners said...

Congratulations to Kerri!!! It doesn't get much more special than that! Her creations are could take on a whole new persona wearing them! Hope our Anthro carries her items one day! xo J~

alexkeller said...

oh, my goodness! i want pantaloons and dresses and bloomers and country fried leggings! we're traveling to New Orleans for a wedding in October - can't wait!

Fringe said...

Thanks for your lovely comments, ladies! I agree with both of you. I love what J said about how one could take on a whole new persona wearing Kerri's design. So true!

And Alex, I want one of each of the items you listed too! I looove them. You must go to the Anthro store in October and tell us all about it :)


Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

Holy smokes!!! How incredible! Kerri is awesome and this is just fantastic. I just got goosebumps, actually.

Good Girls Studio said...

That is fantastic! Hard work pays off...I love a happy ending! Filled with inspiration to keep on creating :) Congrats to Kerri!