Monday, June 21, 2010

Frank and Dennis...

Frank and Dennis

I was once asked who I would choose as the one person above all others, living or dead, to have lunch with. Without hesitation, I said I would pick Frank.

Frank was my paternal grandfather. I have mentioned him before in my blog. He died when my dad, Dennis, was two years old. His wife, Ardith, was expecting their second child when Frank died. That child was born a girl, Charlene. So you see, not only did I never meet him, neither did his own daughter. My dad really has no memory of him either.

If asked who would you choose to have lunch with, many would choose some fantastic figure in history, Einstein, Gandhi, Jesus, any number of unreachable people. But for me, Frank would be my choice.

I hope you had a beautiful Father’s Day, dear friends. For those of you whose dad is no longer here, I hope you have some wonderful memories to cherish…xo


Good Girls Studio said...

Hope you & your hubs had a lovely fathers day! We enjoyed lots of pool time with my dad :)

hometown girl said...

i can totally understand. i wouldn't pick a famous person either i'd pick my grandfather, hard to believe he's only been gone almost a year. i feel like i haven't heard his voice in so long. hope you are well! xo susan

Sherry said...

Oh, what a lovely tribute to Frank. I'm certain he was a fine man.


brock street said...

so true, so true. the good news is you have your little man to carry on the heritage..frank is a part of you and you have passed that on.