Turquoise Tuesday...

Hello and Happy Turquoise Tuesday, lovely ones! This week's focus is on greeting cards, note cards and postcards. Need I mention all the choices there are out there in this great big world? I decided to just give you examples (fabulous examples, I might add) of cards I found on Etsy.

As I say each week, I love all of these items. They're incredibly clever and unique. What better way to say "I'm thinking of you" than to send a card? With today's endless array of ways to say hello on the computer, this is (to me) by far the most special way. Who doesn't love receiving a note in the mail? It's romantic, meaningful and ever so delightful.

Fat Ninja Akimbo postcard set by Interrupt. So cute. So deadly.

Antique Cars notecards by Frantic Meerkat

Topography handcut card set by Crafterall

In This Poignant Moment Of Finality, The Vibration Of Atoms Sounds Like Singing.
Notecards by Mincing Mockingbird

Bookworm greeting card by The Spotted Sparrow

Cowboy birthday card by Sweet Beets

I could have added many more to this collection just from Etsy alone. Which means I'll have to do another Turquoise Tuesday post about stationery, right? Yippee!

I hope you are having a great start to your week. I'm already losing track of my days. Busy, busy!

Today I'm really focused on preparing my shop update for Thursday. I also have a very special custom order that I'm getting ready to start on.

The weather is glorious today. I have the windows wide open, and all the birds are tweeting their little heads off.....

Thank you so much for taking the time to drop in, dear friends. You know it means a great deal to me...xo


24 Corners said...

These are soooo great! I love the fat little ninja dude...so blown away by peoples creativity!

Have a wonderful week...and may your custom order go as smooth as silk (or silky yarn!). xo J~

CrowNology said...

Oh I love the topography card.
Hope the update and special project go well.

kelsey. ♥ said...

Hello Dennice!

I wanted to thank you for your very sweet comment on my blog :) It made me smile to read it.

Thank you for being you, as well!

Thanks also for finding my little blog, as it has now brought me to yours. I love the Mincing Mockingbird cards you chose here, I have always admired that shop.

Looking forward to more lovely posts from you.

Kelsey <3

Caroline said...

I love Turquoise Tuesdays and this sweet blog! xo

Fringe said...

Thank you, lovely ladies, for your wonderful, kind comments! I so appreciate them...xoxo

kelsey ~ Thank you so much. I'm so glad I found you too :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for including my letterpress card in Turquoise Tuesday! I'm very honored. :)

Fringe said...

You're very welcome, sweetbeets! I love your little cowboy card...