Happy Mother's Day!

Hello, dear ones! If you're a mom, Happy Mother's Day, if you're not, Happy Sunday!

I didn't think I'd have time for a post at all this weekend. It's been one of those weekends, but alas, I saw this monologue by Betty White from her spot on Saturday Night Live and thought it was perfect for today. What better way than a Betty White stand-up routine for celebrating this special day? A little laughter can go a long way for all of us, and who doesn't love Betty White? She's a marvel. So without further adieu....Ms. Betty White!

If you want to see what I wrote about last Mother's Day, click here.

Thank you so much for dropping by for a visit. You make me smile...xo


Ivy Lane said...

Happy Mother's Day! The heartstrings photo...sentiment is so beautiful! Hope your day is full of joy! Heading out to see my Mom in a few... ! :)

hometown girl said...

happy mother's day to you my friend! hope you have a nice day with your family! xo suz

hometown girl said...

love your list of favorite things, i don't know how long it's been there, good stuff :)

alexkeller said...

happy day to you :)

Sherry said...

Happy Mother's Day, my friend. Oh, the blog photos on Mother's Day have been so lovely this year.


Brenda said...

I adore Betty White - so glad you shared her monologue (otherwise, I would have missed it!)!

Hope your own Mother's Day was full of love, laughter and really really good food. :)

xoxo B

Good Girls Studio said...

Love some Betty White! Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day & were spoiled rotten!

woolies said...

Since I couldn't stay awake Saturday night to watch Betty White - thanks for posting her monologue! And thank you for your kind comment on my blog. Really.


24 Corners said...

Betty was wonderful...that was fun to watch!
Hope your Mother's day was full of "heartstrings"!
xo J~