A perfectly perfect snippet of time...

Hello, and Happy Saturday, dear friends! How is your weekend going? I hope you all are able to find time for yourselves.

I had a peaceful bit of time to myself this afternoon. It was lovely and I took full advantage of it. The weather is glorious today so I sat outside (allergies and all - I'm brave that way) and read for most of an hour, intermittently inspecting and gazing at my surroundings.

I snipped some lovely roses and arranged them in the house, followed by a big cup of tea and two oatmeal cookies. All in all, a perfectly perfect bit of heaven.

Romeo and Juliet roses from our garden. My husband's favorite rose.
They're floating happily in my bowl of water.

A big cup of jasmine oolong tea and a smackeral of oatmeal cookies.
A quiet moment of respite.

A hodgepodge gathering of blooming roses from the garden, nestled in my small white pitcher. Alongside my son's geode specimen.

The hanging baskets of blooms are flourishing in the California sun.
A favorite snack spot of the resident hummingbirds.

A quick inspection of the boy's raised vegetable bed shows the healthy progress of
the tomato plants.

Atop these maple trees a resident bird sporting the most brilliant orange breast sings and rests.
Our feathered friend was elusive today.

The rest of the weekend can be as busy as it dares to be...I have to admit I have a slightly frightening list of things to accomplish, but never fear, dear readers! I'm ready now. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

Thank you for taking time out of your day to come visit...I'm so happy you did…xo


Brenda said...

sounds like perfection! so glad you got some recharging time in the midst of a nutty weekend. :) and xo

Ana - Toil and Trouble said...

What beautiful roses, I had never seen that kind before! Sounds like a lovely day :o)

hometown girl said...

does sound pretty perfect! those romeo & juliet roses are stunning! your yard looks so lovely! glad you had a nice day :) xo suz

24 Corners said...

What beautiful roses!!!
We all need those times where we soak up the beauty that surrounds us... and by doing so, we become renewed and able to dive into what ever is next on the full plate that is always in front of us! So glad you chose to do just that!

Tea and cookies sound pretty good about right now...ta-ta....
xxoo J~

CrowNology said...

Love these photos. Esp. the roses, beautiful!