Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Application of Fringe...

The application of Fringe, or how I envision my newest Fringe shrug as an ensemble. I thought it would be fun to show you how I see my shrug, what ideas go through my mind when choosing the color story and the theme.

For this particular piece, the City Siren Shrug, I see it being worn any number of ways. Here is just one example. I love the sultry feel of this outfit, the feminine and somewhat neutral dress designed by Moulinette Soeurs, the swingy and sexy earrings designed by Kateri of Leaves of Glass. In this example, the pop of color comes from the shrug.

I don't necessarily believe in the elements of an outfit matching exactly. I appreciate the outfit as whole much more if there is perhaps just one piece that has a bright, deep or rich color while the other elements are monochromatic or neutral. That's just my opinion...

City Siren Shrug

Dirty Mermaid Earrings by Leaves of Glass

I hope you are having a wonderful day today, dear friends. As always, I so appreciate the fact that you take time out of your day to visit me....xo


Haleigh said...

adorable! I love the big flower :-D

Thanks for commenting on Bardot in Blue...I loved your blog so much I now have your banner up in my sidebar blog roll. Stop by and check it out! I would be honored to be part of yours too!

xoxo bardot in blue

Good Girls Studio said...

I can totally picture it with that dress & those earrings ...Super chic!

hometown girl said...

would be perfect together! xo

24 Corners said...

Fun seeing the whole outfit imagined together like this and love the name of the earrings, that cracked me up!

Shrug is beautiful!