flores del sol

comfort garden no. 6

petite moss cluster no. 26

mercury glass centerpiece

moss comfort garden


A more enticing shop you will never find. If you love nature and wish for it to be sort of frozen in time and everlasting....flores del sol is where you will find that. It's an exquisite shop filled with beauty. The floral designer behind this magic creates modern designs that are inspired by nature and the beauty that surrounds her. She loves using moss and interesting textures, vintage things and modern containers.

I adore everything she creates. My personal favorites are her comfort gardens and her moss clusters. I'm especially smitten with the designs she makes involving vintage containers. I would be very happy indeed to have one for each room in my home. They're magical, romantic, enchanting and owning one or more of these beauties would give me the feeling of having a little piece of art made by very special hands....

Thank you so much for taking the time to drop by, dear hearts...Your comments always bring a smile to my face. Here on the home front, things are quiet and delightfully slow-paced at the moment. It’s been raining off and on; the boys are out in the garage doing something with wood. I’m getting ready to start on one of those four rapid fire design ideas I had a little while back. I think I’ll make soup for dinner tonight, curry chicken udon noodle, and perhaps some biscotti…It’s the perfect day to bake. And I won’t bore you with the long chore list I have before me….I hope your weekend is like a little slice of heaven...xo


alexkeller said...

oh so pretty! and preserved flowers will do much better for me - seem to have lost my green thumb!

CrowNology said...

Thank you for your Kindly comments. You know the right words...A book with each as the chapter titles would be something! I'd read it. ;)
These are very interesting aren't they? Moving from the current trend of whimsical to something solid, earthy. I love moss. There is something about it that makes me feel rooted (?)...I can't explain! I had little moss terrariums along my window sill but they all went quite moldy. I shall try again this summer.
Thank you again.

hometown girl said...

hello sweet friend! i'm glad you are having a nice day. we too are just kind of hanging around enjoying the day. i love this shop i've not seen it before. i couldn't even pick a favorite! xo suz

brock street said...

these are beautiful. very talented!!

tt moreno said...


thank you so much for featuring me on your lovely blog. Such kind words I truely appreciate it. I also love the style of your shop... very creative!


xoxoKrysten said...

Very pretty, great post!