Another Wild and Crazy Saturday...

Ah, yes...another wild and crazy Saturday at La Casa de Fringe.

The boy, as you can very well see, is finishing off the last of the Squirt. This pop was from when he was terribly sick a couple weeks back, the only things he could hold down were saltines and Squirt. Now, I don't want you to think I normally allow him to 1) drink pop and/or 2) chug it from the liter bottle. I really don't. There was about three swallows left in the bottom, and he begged me to let him finish it off (straight from the bottle). I said yes. Just to put an end to the daily onslaught of "Can I finish the Squirt, Mom...pllleeeaaase.."

And the day has just gotten crazier as we've thrown caution to the wind. Currently, my two fellas are upstairs playing Pacific Fleet. I can hear the battle cries as I type. I am sipping a cocktail, contemplating dinner (it's a little before 7, so I really should figure something out), knitting a really cool little something for my darling dear brother to go along with the two El Grande Cowls in the package I'm sending him on Tuesday (I can't say what I'm making as he visits this blog regularly...), and watching "Out of Africa".

Of course, I'm only doing one of the above activities (sipping a cocktail) while I'm typing this post. After dinner, it's Family Game Night. I guess this means I better get crackin' with dinner. Time's not going to slow down just for me, now is it? The boy picked Monopoly for the game. It's only the same game he's picked every Friday since Family Game Night's inception (the first Friday of 2010). I should mention here that I do realize today is not Friday, we're running a day behind this week. R and I have learned that we need a time limit on Monopoly, so it's one hour. Whoever is ahead after an hour, is the winner. This, my friends, is a wise plan.

Speaking of "Out of Africa"...I've watched it so many times. I love this movie. The fashion is, to me, mesmerizing. I will have to do a future post about the costumes. I'm in love with them. They're so inspiring!

I hope you are all having the best of weekends…Thank you for being you…xo


brock street said...

now how am i suppose to get anything done today?? all i can see is a big bottle of squirt...and the real squirt behind the squirt
hey, do i seen new chair and table??

hometown girl said...

sounds like a perfect day to me! i like the idea of a time limit on the game! hope you had fun. xo me

Brenda said...

Ummm ... who is that young man chugging Squirt in your kitchen!? That can't possibly be your son!

Sigh. They do insist on growing up, don't they?

xo B