Spring Cleaning Fever...Almost...

Have you started to catch Spring Cleaning Fever yet? Personally, I'm just starting to feel a twinge of it. I haven't worked myself up into actually acting on it yet, but I feel the urge coming on.

I recently bought a most delightful book that is pushing me in the direction of spring cleaning...it's a lovely, sort of old-fashioned meets fresh and new type of book for anyone who loves their home. It's filled with inspiring photos. This sweet little book is called "Simple Country Wisdom" by Susan Waggoner. Barnes and Noble had 45% off some of their books last week. I snagged this little gem of a book and I'm sort of in love with it.

This book gives good advice about many matters of the home. For instance, the closet. Here's a great divide and conquer step-by-step plan for cleaning out your closet...It's called the "four piles" method. This isn't a new idea, but perhaps it's new to you. The basic idea behind this method is as follows:

~Start with four piles: Keep, Repair, Give Away and Discard.

~The idea is to empty your closet entirely, putting everything in one of those four piles. I know what you’re thinking, but you are not allowed to add a fifth Not Sure pile.

~After you’ve emptied the closet, it’s time to examine the Keep, Repair and the Give Away piles.

~First the Keep pile. If it’s still too big, trim it up, a little at a time if that’s easier for you, until it’s the size you want. Then move the Keep pile back into your closet.

~Now the Repair pile. Be honest with yourself about how likely it is you will repair the items. On second examination of this pile, you probably will reduce it by at least 50%. Once you’ve narrowed it down, box the items and date the box. Whatever is left unrepaired by the deadline date, get rid of.

~Finally, the Give Away pile. Make sure that any truly shabby, stained or broken items are shifted to the Discard Pile. Bag the Give Away pile and drop it off within a week.

~Bag your Discard pile and take it out immediately.

Feeling inspired yet? I almost am...perhaps in a week or two, I'll be ready for the "four piles"...Let me know if you try it. Better yet, post some Before and After photos of your achievement.

Thank you for sharing your time with me, dear friends...Have a beautiful day...xo


Brenda said...

Definitely feeling the spring cleaning fever and can't wait to dive in! Your tips on closets is perfect and perfectly timed for me - post-Stitches West closet clean outs!


ANA said...

ugh, I've been meaning to do that for months... I'm so intimidated at this point. I kept trying to clean my closet without emptying it out completely, but I finally realized that will never work.

hometown girl said...

looks like my kind of book! i'll have to see if i can find it. hope you have a wonderful week! xo suz

BlackStar said...

I'm getting real close to feeling that I might soon be ready to almost begin to start my Spring cleaning. ;)

I do go through the closets and get rid of clothes. Put the unwanted ones in bags and as long as I don't go through the bags, I'm OK. But I usually go through them.

I have all the mending/repair items on a rocking chair in my studio. I really need to bag most of it up and send if off. It's been there way past the expiration date.