French Design, American Beach House...

This gorgeous Bridgehampton home featured in House Beautiful is owned by designer Jean-Louise Deniot. When I think of beach house, I think little bungalow sitting on the Pacific Ocean. This is nothing like that. This is elegance and richness. There are wonderful little surprises in these photos that draw me to this amazing space.

In the kitchen. Notice the wicker bull head on the wall. Adding a touch of whimsy.

I love the combination of rich colors and textures in this vignette. The mix of grandness and nature.

Anyone who knows me knows I love turquoise. So as you can imagine, I'm mad about the velvet on this bed frame! I can hardly stand it, it's so fabulous. And I really like the combo of the blue with the spice on the wall. It's different and somehow quite satisfying.

Again with the blue! Swoon. A more delightful chair, you will never find. I also love the mix of white on the chair legs with the deep dark color of the cabinet. Of course, don't forget the matador painting (it connects the theme from the kitchen...remember the wicker bull head?)

Can't you just envision the most casual as well as the most romantic and charming meals in this setting? Night or day. Magnificent. To sit among those amazing trees with the mild breezes, good food, perhaps a bit of champagne, and delightful company....a little slice of heaven.

Thanks for coming by, lovely friends...xo

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