Famous Knitters, Part 2...

Betty knitting in a scene from Now, Voyager.

This looks like Betty knitting with a women who could have been a stand-in for her on the movie set, but that's just a guess on my part. I love Betty in that hat.

Betty and Ann Sheridan (another famous knitter) knitting on the set for The Man Who Came to Dinner which is a must-see film. I love that Betty is just in her stocking feet and has her legs crossed that way.

Betty Davis was a knitter and a crochet expert. It makes perfect sense to me that knitting and crocheting would be an excellent way to pass the time on a movie set. It would be calming, relaxing and make the endless hours of waiting pass in a pleasant way. I hope you enjoy these photos of the famous knitter, the amazing Betty Davis.

I'm so glad you stopped in...xo

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paperhill said...

love those old photos! you're right it's the perfect way to pass the time! xo suz