A Thousand Words...

I love photography. What I mean to say is, I appreciate photography. You know the saying "a picture's worth a thousand words"? To me, that's very true. Especially those photographs that are edgy, intriguing and unusual. I am attracted to the photos of TheBlackSpotBooks for exactly that. Not only do her photos encompass all of the above, but they're gritty and purposely made to look old and worn. Her photos are worth far more than a thousand words. I think they speak volumes. Depending on each individual's interpretation, these photos tell a different story. I feel they speak of tragedy, love, love lost, violence, desperation, hauntings, desires, longings, and so much more, but mostly they speak of women.

The Fall and The Gathering of The Leaves III
The Endlessness of Leaving
Oh Whiskey, You Villain Journal
I think it's perfect that TheBlackSpotBooks makes journals too. When you think about it, her photographs entice you to write a story about them, and those magically worn journals would be the perfect canvas for such a masterpiece.


. Phydeaux . Phydelle . said...

Oh, and this is the artist who makes the wonderful metal rings from handsewn victorian lace! Amazingly talented - love the photos!

paperhill said...

this photos are haunting in a way. i love the time worn look. xo

Xenotees said...

I'm a huge fan too :D Wonderful work to highlight Dennice!