"I like pie"

It’s my son’s favorite phrase. He says it once, twice, thrice or more every day. He torments me with it. Our daily exchanges usually go something like this.

“Hey mom, guess what?”
“I like pie.”
Groan from mom.

“Mom, I almost forgot to tell you!”
“What, honey?”
“I like pie.”
Grrr from mom.

“What did you learn in school today?” ask I.
“I learned that…I like pie”
Sigh from me.

You get the picture. This happens in one variation or another every single day. Has been for months and months. So I decided to give him a fun gift that I knew he’d get a big kick out of. I figure (I’ve always been an optimist) that some day he’ll stop saying “I like pie” and I’ll actually miss it. This bunny will keep the memory alive for him and me. The “I like pie” bunny was custom made with loving care by Jessica of spidercamp. Thanks, Jessica! My boy is absolutely smitten with piebunny.


Shana said...

ha! that's one of shawn's favorite phrases as well. especially when he feels its been too long since the last pie...

lillyella said...

oh how I needed a good laugh today! It's the little things, isn't it? :)

Brenda // Phydeaux said...

Hee hee! You're a great mom to a great kid. :)

paperhill said...

great story! yes, one day you will miss the "i like pie" exchange! so sweet of you to have this made! you & your sweet son are lucky to have each other! xo

twolefthands said...

Dennice, guess what? I like pie!

What a cutie patootie, he's a sweet boy!

eNVe said...

hahah.. that is so SUPER CUTE of your son!!! I just love watching children's personalities and sense of humor develop. I can already see that my 1-yr-old will be a ham (like his dad). It's great that you got him that fun gift! Something that you'll both look back on later and have huge smiles on your faces. :D