This Week's Poll...

Hi friends! This week’s poll is another silly one, but I hope you will have fun taking part in it. Junk food. Where to begin? We all have a weakness for some sort of junk food. Why must these heavenly morsels be filled with fat, sugar, salt, and all the other evil ingredients? It’s just not right. Just once I’d like to say I have not a single desire to eat that donut, or chocolate bar, or bag of chips. Ah well, such is the plague of the human race.

The choices I came up with are only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. I realize there are a gazillion different junk food choices out there, but I had to narrow it down to just four. And don’t get me started on all the liquid form junk foods. Although I don’t think they really count…do they? I know for certain that at least one of you agree with me on that.

At the end of the poll, I will tell you my favorite pick of the four. Please leave a comment if you have the time or inclination. I always love hearing from you! Have a beautiful day and happy voting!


Pfeiffer Photos said...

That was a hard choice of junk foods but I had to go with donuts! I don't eat them often but I do love donuts...yum! :0)

lillyella, uniquely you said...

ooo that was so easy for me - french fries for sure! #2 - salt and vinegar chips :)
I am, however, not counting the spoonfuls of peanut butter I eat right out of the jar everyday.

Roxana said...

French fries hands down. I use to LOVE the ones at Jerri on Prince in NYC, but, they are not there anymore. Latest favorite fries are from Kate Mantilini.

paperhill said...

i crave the salty & sweet. but i picked chips & salsa :)

fringe said...

well, friends, i pretty much stumped myself with this one :). i love all of these junky foods. although i rarely indulge in them. it's hard to be good!

i really couldn't make myself pick one, mostly because i love the savory and the sweet. salty and then balance with sweet or vice versa, right? :)

i decided to go with the junk food that i treat myself to most often and that is chips and salsa. chips salty, salsa super duper spicy.

with my vote, the outcome is still the same. fries are the favorite. the best way to eat fries, in my opinion, is with vinegar and salt. heaven!

thanks for playing, loves, and i will burst my brain for a new poll shortly. xoxo