This Week's Poll...

This week's poll is about the sense of smell. I think the sense of smell is highly underrated. Scents can influence our moods, memories, emotions, health, appetite (sexual or otherwise :)). They trigger many responses that are physical or mental or both.

I came up with four scents out of many that I love. I think it will be interesting to see which one wins. As usual, I have no idea which one I'll choose. The only poll so far that I positively knew which answer I would pick was, of course, the James Bond poll.

I hope you all will take a moment to vote on the righthand side of this page, and leave a comment if you like. I always love hearing from you. At the end of the poll, I'll give you my answer. Thanks for visiting and happy voting!


Sweet Romance said...

Hi! I voted but my ALL time favorite scent is Dennis Anderson's "Pure Romance" bar soap! I am so crazy about the smell I keep an extra bar at my computer just to be able to smell it on a whim! lol, now how crazy is that!!!! Some day I WILL have one of your scarves, preferably the one with the fringe....candice

Brenda // Phydeaux said...

Boy, that was a tough choice! Total toss up between the wonderful spicy green fragrance of freshly mowed grass and that wonderful wonderful aroma of baking bread ... but I went with grass. Because ... not all baked bread is wonderful, but all grass is ... and I'm ready for Spring and grass!

Roxana said...

I am a perfumer by trade. I voted for fresh laundry...without any notes of chlorine or laundry soap...and if it happens to be dried outside in the fresh wind and sunshine even better!

fringe said...

Thank you, ladies, for leaving these comments :)

Candice, thanks for stopping in and for the Dennis recommendation. I know his soaps are amazing. Thank you for the compliment too!

Brenda, I'm going to have a tough time with this one too. I'm a fiend for scents of nature but there are some delicious manmade scents too :)

Roxana, welcome and thank you for taking the time to comment. These choices were meant to be simple scents because if I went down the road of choicing 4 delicious perfume scents, it would be too difficult for me :). I agree that there's something so satisfying as the smell of line-dried laundry. Heavenly!


paperhill said...

that was easy, coffee! while i love the smell of baking bread, hands down coffee for me.

fringe said...

This week's poll had the most votes for any of my polls! Yippee! Thanks to all of you lovelies who voted.

The winner is "brewing coffee" for the favorite scent. It's probably pretty obvious that I love all four scent choices since I'm the one that came up with them, but I will have to go with the majority on this one. Brewing coffee is what gets my motor started every morning. I love the promise-of-a-new-day feeling I get when I smell that fresh coffee brewing in the morning.

If my doctor ever told me I had to give up coffee I fear I'd slap him silly, and believe me when I say I'm not a violent person.

So thank you all again for playing and I'll come up with a new poll shortly...xo