Pet Peeves...

Or as John Cleese likes to call them, pet hates. It was John Cleese who gave me the idea for this post. I follow him on Twitter and he asked the question, "What are your pet hates?” Well, as a girl who loves the opportunity to make a list, I felt this was a great list to start. I actually replied to John Cleese via Twitter with a few of my pet peeves. I know, isn't it wild that I could actually contact him in that way? So great!

I didn't think I had many pet peeves until I actually started listing them. Now, when I refer to pet peeves, I am referring to light-hearted pet peeves. I don't mean the tragic kind, like starving children, cruelty to animals, abuse of any kind, bullies. I mean kind of silly ones. So here's my list which I will very likely continue to add to as I think of additional pet peeves. They will most certainly become more obscure and random.

1. Loud talkers

2. Loud eaters
3. Rude drivers
4. The sound of tearing paper (I know I've mentioned this one before)
5. Pompous asses
6. Water spots on my kitchen faucet
7. The word "can't" and/or whiners
8. Aggressive, pushy people
9. People who interrupt you when you're talking
(extension of #8)
10. The way my husband stirs the raisins into his oatmeal (I'd never tell him)
11. People who stand super close behind me in line. Grrr.
12. The beer commercials during televised sports events.
13. Reality T.V.
14. The sound of a slamming door.


Brenda // Phydeaux said...

Hee hee! I'll play!

1. LOUD EATERS (yes, I shouted it) - drives me absolutely bonkers insane! (confession - I get cranky if I myself am crunching too loudly...)

2. The sound of tearing paper! This is eery now, isn't it? One of my kitties used to wake me up to shredding paper - on purpose! She knew I would jump out of bed shrieking (not literally shrieking...)

3. "ummm" and other useless filler words

4. "Really? Really? Nice!" I love The Office, but that whole really/nice thing sends me through the roof.

5. Talking with one's mouth full. Oh, I have a whole list of eating-related pet peeves.

6. Burned microwave popcorn.

7. People who ask me to get things for them off top shelves at the store. I try to be gracious, but it does drive me nuts.

8. Use of the word "assumed" (I just assumed) ...

9. Cigarette smoke and smoker's breathe.

10. Really loud talking. Drives. Me. Insane. I can every word my neighbor says. Crazy.

11. Thoughtlessness. Of any variety.

Now I have to go think happy thoughts. :)

PaintedHorse said...

I would add:

Selfish people

Judgmental people

Pfeiffer Photos said...

Water spots on the faucet-check. That's one of mine, too. Minor, yes, but I always wipe 'em off. Leaving the computers on overnight (classic hubby habit). People who use the word basically when they explain things. Also the rampant overuse of the word absolutely as an answer to questions that don't warrant such a firm response. Absolutely, to me, is like the word forever or infinity...these just should not be used so lightly.

fringe said...

Thank you so much, ladies, for playing! I love reading your comments.


paperhill said...

i must start thinking about mine! i agree on the loud talkers, reminds me of the close talker episode on Seinfeld. oh and the rude drivers, i actually had an old man scream an obsenity at me (he was in the wrong!) with my children in the car! don't mess with my kids, lol! ok, i'm hi-jacking the fun!