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This list is so special to me. It made the Etsy front page last night for three hours! Yippee! I missed the whole thing, but GetReadySetGo (a.k.a. Rachel and Rebecca) sent me a message to let me know. My lovely friend, Kateri of leavesofglass, sent me the full screenshot of this list. I snagged this treasury purely by accident, but with the theme of "rust" I had no trouble finding amazing pieces to fill it with. I hope you enjoy gazing at it as much as I do. Also, I hope you will visit all of these excellent shops. I've included the links to them all below.

From left to right, top to bottom, the sellers are;
12images; http://12images.etsy.com/
leavesofglass; http://leavesofglass.etsy.com/
propercandy; http://propercandy.etsy.com/
GetReadySetGo; http://getreadysetgo.etsy.com/
Daydreamers; http://daydreamers.etsy.com/
bonzie; http://bonzie.etsy.com/
janmoralesphoto; http://janmoralesphoto.etsy.com/
btaylorquilts; http://btaylorquilts.etsy.com/
sushipotparts; http://sushipotparts.etsy.com/
elmstudios; http://elmstudios.etsy.com/
bykali; http://bykali.etsy.com/
encantado; http://encantado.etsy.com/

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Pfeiffer Photos said...

This collection of rust colored and rusted items is very nice. I like the title on the art piece: "take what is necessary". Thanks for sharing with us. :0) ~tina