Beautiful Black and White

volvo print for $25.00

Every once in awhile I run across a photo that speaks to me. It evokes a memory, creates a feeling or inspires me. This particular photo does all three. I adore it. Although I don't personally know the artists responsible for this exquisite print, I do know that I like them already. They have a fabulous shop at Etsy. I have provided the link above. I hope you all take a moment to look into mavora's incredible shop. You will be glad you did...


Kateri said...

You are so wonderful, Dennice, thank you so much for posting Tim and Abby's lovely photo and for supporting mavora! They work very hard and are so talented; it makes me very happy that you like their work.

paperhill said...

please start blogging again, dear friend! you are so talented & i want to read more, you have a gift. i love abby she is awesome! post soon.