Beautiful Black and White

volvo print for $25.00

Every once in awhile I run across a photo that speaks to me. It evokes a memory, creates a feeling or inspires me. This particular photo does all three. I adore it. Although I don't personally know the artists responsible for this exquisite print, I do know that I like them already. They have a fabulous shop at Etsy. I have provided the link above. I hope you all take a moment to look into mavora's incredible shop. You will be glad you did...

Easy Urban Hip, Week 6 ~ Life in the Fast Lane...

When I think of life in the fast lane, I think first of the Eagles song which I am sure dates me. Then there are the years I lived life in the fast lane in my very early twenties. When I think of some of my escapades, I shudder. But the one fast lane story that stands out in my mind and makes me chuckle is a real fast lane story. Meaning I was actually in the fast lane on the freeway. It was during my college years and I was going at what I thought was a brisk speed in the fast lane to make it in time for my 8 a.m. class. I looked in my rearview mirror and see a Mercedes quickly approaching me. Apparently, the driver felt I was slowing them down because when I glanced back the second time, I was shocked to receive my first flip-off. Yep, the driver gave me the finger in a very angry way, grim expression and all. I suppose everyone has had that experience, at least everyone in Southern California. What was so shocking was not the fact that I was flipped the bird, but the "flipee". She was a very distinguished, classy-looking gray-haired woman. First came shock, then hurt feelings, then anger, then hysterical laughter. I don't know why this memory stays with me so strongly, but I'm glad it does. It says so much about life and appearances, if you know what I mean.

Regarding appearances, whether you are living life in the fast lane or not, the creations I have chosen for Easy Urban Hip Week 6 will take you where you want to go in fast lane style. All of these items can be found at or just click on the links I have provided below for each shop. By the way, speaking of fast lanes, you probably don't want to go as far as Sharon Stone did in "Basic Instinct", but you will want the earrings!

bayou salvage

Jumbalaya 4 Cuff

Boring Sidney

Black Velvet Driving Cap


No. 158 AND HE RAN...

Leaves of Glass

Basic Instinct Earrings


Fast Lane Lariat