Easy Urban Hip, Week 5; Shades of Gray...

I love movies in beautiful black and white. I love photos in black and white, nothing compares. If only life's choices were as simple, clear and precise as black and white...but then, of course, there is that famous quote about having a messy life is how you know you've lived. I believe that totally, although it's a hard belief to come by. Life needs to be in color, even if only in the imagination. What's wrong and what's right should not always be black and white. I believe there is plenty of room for gray areas. Do you?

Even if you don't agree with me on the gray areas of right and wrong, you must agree with me on the items I have chosen for week 5 of the Easy Urban Hip Series. You will have it all with these gorgeous items. There is black, white and gray in all their glory. You can find all of these unique and one of a kind creations on Etsy. Just click on the links that I have provided for you below. Thanks for stopping by...




Boring Sidney

Scroll and Quill


Leaves of Glass



Bayou Salvage

Black and White but Feeling Blue Mojo



Double Delight Shrug


1 comment:

Kateri said...

Mmm, delicious gray. Ambiguous gray. Complicated gray. We share a love of subtlety, certainly. Very nice choices - I seem to be drawn to to the blacks, whites and grays more than anything else this summer.