Sunday, September 21, 2014

Romance is Alive and Well

A romantic husband purchased this cowl last week.
He wrote me a lovely little note.
His thirteenth anniversary is coming up,
and he wanted a traditional gift for his beloved.
Lace is the traditional gift for the thirteenth.
He chose this lace pattern cowl.

Stories like this are what make my work so very rewarding.
I tied a special piece of white vintage lace onto this cowl before sending it off.
Just a little extra bit of romance for his wife.
One can never have too much romance,
don't you agree?

I know of one woman in Canada who will feel very loved 
on her thirteenth wedding anniversary.

Thank you for stopping by, dear hearts...

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

This and That

Hello, dear hearts!

 Antler Brooch F11

 I'm creating a new line of neckdresses.
The line is named after my favorite road,
Route 395.
Coming soon to Fringe!

 I've been working on some new items for Fringe Home,
including wall hangings.

 Beyond the Pines Scarf coming soon to Fringe.
Antler Brooch sold separately.

A work in progress that I'm so very excited about. 
Inspired partly by my love of books and partly by my Pulitzer Prize Reading List.

 This is an example of what a typical morning looks like around here. A gathering of items to be made, photographed, listed. Speaking of lists, that clipboard has a very long list of ideas!

I have been busy creating new Fringe designs and trying to stay cool in this miserable SoCal heatwave we're having. Not much luck with the staying cool part as we don't have air conditioning but lots of luck with my designs! I will be listing new pieces in the shop as soon as possible, I eve" n have a new line of necklaces, which I am calling "neckdresses". My brilliant brother came up with that term because they remind him of headdresses. It's perfect. He's such a super talented smarty! 

Some items are finding new homes before I even have a chance to list, like Antler Brooch F11 (shown in first photo).

I wanted to let you know that things are hopping here at Fringe headquarters so stay tuned...*wink*

Thank you for stopping by!
And thank you for being you...