Dear Hollywood, you messed up.

JOHN PAYNE should have played Philip Marlowe.

How could they not have realized that?  Those of you who know me know how much I love Bogart. He's one of my favorites. But Philip Marlowe? Raymond Chandler describes him as dark haired, a tad over 6' tall and 190 lbs. Hollywood made very good versions with Robert Mitchum and Dick Powell (LOVE him), but John Payne! When I think of the Marlowe films...The Big Sleep. Farewell, My Lovely. The Long Goodbye. Murder, My Sweet. The Lady in the Lake...

My heart bleeds for what could have been.

Just my thoughts on the matter. I have more thoughts on Marlowe coming soon.

A Master of Descriptive Sentences

    Ten blocks of that, winding down curved rain-swept streets, under the steady drip of trees, past lighted windows in big houses in ghostly enormous grounds, vague clusters of eaves and gables and lighted windows high on the hillside, remote and inaccessible, like witch houses in a forest.

~ Raymond Chandler, The Big Sleep