In the Garden





{yellow squash}




Four years ago, Ron and the boy built a lovely little raised bed garden.  Partly in hopes that the boy would eat a larger variety of veggies if he grew them himself (didn't work) and partly because we wanted our own fresh veggies (especially tomatoes and herbs).  That first year, we had so many beautiful tomatoes! The second and third year, we had terrible luck with everything.  If critters didn't eat our few measly veggies, a disease common to areas near the sea ruined them (or so the nursery told us). This year, our lovely garden is doing beautifully.  Granted, it's just in the beginning stages, but things are looking hopeful. Let's hope I didn't jinx it...

On the Fringe front, I feel like my creativity is sort of paralleling our little garden.  The ideas are growing and designs are blooming.  It's been marvelous!  I have a very large number of items to photograph and add to the shop.  I haven't decided if I'll just add one at a time, or do one large shop update.  I will make my decision this weekend.  I'll keep you posted...

One of the many new items I will be adding to the shop is Feather Flurry 3.  Three feather lariats sold as a set for endless styling possibilities.  I will definitely write more about these sets in the coming days, dear hearts.  Many color stories are in the line-up.  Including this set of rich moss green, spring-like celery green and deep teal.

{Currently my favorite way to wear the Feather Flurry 3 Set}

I hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with whatever you want, darling dears.  Do you have any plans that you wish to share with me?  I'd love to hear what your plans are.

As for us, the weekend is quickly filling up.  For one thing, my little nephew is having a party for his 5th birthday this weekend.  I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. Sigh.

I was looking forward to some relaxation and reflection this weekend.  At least one long walk with my camera.  I am determined to make some time for it.  Wish me luck!

Much love...xo


Happy May Day!

May 1st, or May Day, is a sweet and sentimental holiday here.  
The idea is to leave a small basket of flowers at your loved one's doorstep.
Ring their doorbell, and run away.
Your loved one will try and catch you.
If caught, you get a kiss.

Best strategy for the basket giver?
Make sure your loved one is home.
Make sure they know the rules of the game.
Don't start running until they answer the door.
Don't run too fast (you want to be caught!).